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The Oxford Group is a global organization, providing management training, leadership development and executive coaching to the world’s leading companies.

Our strength lies in taking a blended approach to training, combining our extensive expertise in face-to-face delivery with a range of technology-based methods, to provide participants with a complete learning journey.

Our consultants work with our clients as partners to develop bespoke, world-class solutions that are practical and impactful, and deliver these on a global scale.

We believe that people come to work wanting to do a good job, and that everyone has huge, untapped reserves of creativity and potential.

We unlock that potential by engaging your staff with techniques, exercises and content that are stimulating and, most importantly, relevant to them.

Ultimately, our aim is to measurably improve your organization’s performance through better managers, better leaders and better workplace relationships.

Our range of services include executive coaching, leadership development, bespoke training, and our unique 5 Conversations programme, aimed at improving working relationships to produce measurable business results.

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